1 – Introduction:

Notarization is a group of measures that ensures the right is established in a correct manner as per the provisions of law. The notary provides the notarial services under a licence issued by the competent authority as per the provisions of law.

Our Government has been keen on establishing the principles of preventive justice through the issuance of Notarization Law by Royal Decree No. M/164 dated 19.11.1441H where the preventive justice prevents the disputes and gives the right to whom it deserves. It is not competent to decide on the disputes only, but it also extends to the incidents before and after the rise of disputes. It is keen to establish the justice even before rise of dispute through giving right to whom it deserves from the very beginning without need to be heard by the judiciary, and by giving the rights their legal strength and executive conclusiveness where contracts such as lease and ownership have their executive strength.

Duties of notary as per the provisions of Notarization Law:

1 – Transfer of real estate ownership instruments as pointed out in the Executive Regulations.

2 – Issuance and cancellation of proxies.

3 – Mortgage, redemption and amendment thereof.

4 – Companies’ articles of incorporation, amendment annexes and decisions of authorized persons therein.

5 – Minutes of companies’ general meetings.

6 – Disposals and agreements related to trademarks, patents and copyrights.

7 – Agreements related to the movables.

8 – Acknowledgement of in presence bails and fines.

9 – Acknowledgement of financial amounts and movables, receipt and assignment thereof.

Under a decree by the Council of Ministers, the notary may be granted the other duties of the notary public.

2 –Notarial Services:

The notarial service through the notary includes all the duties performed by the notary public in regard to the property, proxies and financial declarations with checking all the documents and verifying the proxies used in notarization and the order of powers in the proxy and their conformity to the required process.

We have been keen to obtain licences as notaries so that we could provide such integrated services to our clients to facilitate their transactions in real estate sector. We have got the needed licences as per law we provide the notarial services as follows:

1 – Issuance of proxies inside and outside the Kingdom.

2 – Notarization of companies’ contracts and annexes thereof.

3 – Division of movables.

4 – Acknowledgement of financial amounts, delivery and assignment thereof.

5 – Sale of property and electronic transfer of ownership.

6 – Rea estate mortgage notarization and correction.

7 – Electronic transfer of ownership and mortgage.

8 – Mortgage and redemption.
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