Tender’s Regulations

There is no central tender’s board and every government agency is empowered to enter into contracts. The Kingdom supplemented the tender’s regulations through Royal Decree No. M/58  issued on 1427 H. (September 27, 2006). These regulations contain articles and govern bid submission, methods of procurement and performance, contract award, bid award and contracting authority, contract conditions advance payments, delay fine, contract forms, etc. Further, rules for implementation of tenders regulations were issued under ministerial resolution No. 223 dated on 1427 H. (September 25, 2006). These rules contain articles and govern advertisement of tenders, manner in which they are submitted, bid evaluation process, time for acceptance of contract award, etc.


NLF can draft and review:

  1. Bid package; bid form, bid bond, general conditions, notice of award, performance & payment bonds.
  2. Lump sum construction contract.
  3. Turnkey design/build construction contract.
  4. Engineering contracts.
  5. Construction claims.
  6. Escrow agreement in lieu of retention.
  7. Conditional & unconditional release upon progress payment.
  8. conditional& unconditional release upon final payment.