National Capital Requirement

Foreign investors can own up to 100% of the capital of an enterprise subject to a few exceptions, the principal limits are:
·        Professional services (such as legal, accounting, taxation, architectural, auditing and medical) 25%
·        Basic telecommunication services: the limit is 60%
·        Franchising 75%
·        Financial and banking services 60% and
·        Insurance 49%
In relation to wholesale and retail trade, as part of the WTO accession, KSA agreed to allow foreign investment under certain conditions:
a.     Foreign equity is limited to 75% from 1st November, 2008
b.     There is a minimum foreign investment of SAR 20 million (USD$5.33m) by each service supplier.
c.     The minimum size of outlets may be prescribed, and
d.     A minimum of 15% of employees are to be Saudi and trained each year.