Outsourcing concept based on external assistance and support provided by local or foreign entities. The outsourcing is new technic of dividing certain functions and tasks and assign it to another specialist in a way that save costs, time and efforts in various economic sectors throughout contracts that stated conditions specify liabilities, duties, subject matters, regulate duration and period of contract to meet their interest’s and objectives.

Many entities seeking for outsourcing support and assistance of companies that offer this facility for potential benefits, which gives them the opportunity to invest in qualified human resources and gain knowledge. Furthermore, reducing the burden of wages and handling work pressure, which gives them more time to focus on their essential work inquiries. It also deflated the financial burdens of the infrastructure equipment’s costs computers, technical programs and software’s, taxes this leads to significant improvements in the core business of the facility.

Al Nami law firm offer outsourcing services in:

1 –  Legal services

  • Legal consultancy on financial matters.
  • Litigation in competent jurisdiction for rights recovery.

2 – Call center service

  • Developed and advanced technical infrastructure of equipment.
  • Administrates outbound call centers by qualified specialists in regulations and procedures of debts collection.

3 – Administration of legal department

  • Build strong infrastructure for the organizations management and accomplishment its own objectives.
  • Apply (AOA) Articles of association and polices to regulate the organization or entity work.
  • Ensure that Board of director, shareholders decisions complied with law.
  • Drafts and audit contracts, regulations, agreements, letters, defenses.
  • Legal representatives before the competent authorities.
  • Determine rights and duties for each member of organization or entities.

4 – Debits collection

Recovering the creditors, financial rights contributed with law, which guarantee the flexibility and efficiency of transactions that comprises of:

  1. Corporate loans

Reducing time and efforts for corporate entities and institutions in recovering their debits.

  1. Individual loans

Tracking and debits recovery by professional team having experience in dealing with these situations resulted from personal loans and property loans.

  1. Personal loans
  • Audit and review details of each case by collection and legal team and rendering advice.
  • Scheme a tracking approach by expert team having negotiation skills and knowledge in legal and executive procedures.
  • Communicate with debtors to repay and reschedule debt and reach a friendly solution through negotiation or legal action if it necessary.
  1. Property loans

Collection of real estate debts to protect banks against the risk of default in payment.

  1. Credit cards

Our team specializes in debts collections of defaulted payments in credit card.