Debt Restructuring & Recovery Services

Over decade’s debts has been a major issue among sectors especially in corporate companies, institutions and individuals. However, in the current developments of laws and regulations that secured protection for financial rights of the parties based on mutual obligations in transactions and exchanged operations through commercial papers, in order to comply with the current economic development. Furthermore, the legislative authority implements the Saudi Execution law for enforcement of execution documents such as commercial papers that issued by Royal Decree No.M/53 dated 1433/8/13 H, the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No.261 dated 1433/8/12 H
In addition, Al Nami law firm since been established in 1994 have significant experience locally and internationally for legal mechanism in enforcement of all types of negotiable instruments, such as cheques, bills of exchange and promissory notes.
Our firm provide a variety of legal services in debts restricting and recovery particularly in, call center, out sourcing, consultation, collection and litigation by dedicative lawyers to recover the financial rights of our clients at the competent authorities .