Copyright Regulation, Royal Decree No. M/41 of 2nd Rajab 1424H. Corresponding to 30th August, 2003G and its implementing Rules, Resolution of the Minister of Culture and Information of 10th Rabi Thani 1425H. corresponding to 30th May 2004G. define copyright protection to include architectural designs, speeches, theatrical, musical, photographic and cinematographic works, as well as works for radio and television, maps, video tapes and computer software. Copyright protection is not subject to any registration or renewal.
The Regulation gives the author financial and moral rights, to print or publish the work, to make amendments or to delete his work, to withdraw it from circulation, and to assign it as he wishes.
In general the duration of protection afforded to different types of Copyright works is as follows:
1.     The period of protection of copyright for the author of a work shall be for the duration of his life and for a period of fifty years following his death
2.     The period of protection for works where the author is a corporate entity, or if the author’s name is unknown, shall be fifty years from the date of the first publication of the work.
3.     The protection period for sound works, audio-visual works, films, collective works and computer programs is fifty years from the date of the first show or publication of the work, regardless of republication.
4.     The protection period for applied art (handcrafted or manufactured) and photographs shall be twenty five years from the date of publication.
5.     The protection period for broadcasting organizations shall be twenty years from the date of the first transmission of program or broadcast materials.
A special Copyright Violations Committee under the authority of the Ministry of Culture and Information presides over copyright infringement issues and it has broad powers to punish the infringer of a valid copyright including a fine of up to SR. 250,000 in the case of first time offenders, and this can be raised to SR. 500,000 if there is repeated infringement. The Committee may issue injunctions in certain cases and also order imprisonment of an offender. Any decision of the Violations Committee can be appealed by filing a claim with the Board of Grievances.